Resident suveys

Do any park owners send customer service/satisfaction surveys to residents or is it just opening a can of worms?

Appreciate any input or replies from past experience.

I send an annual letter containing the rent increase (if any), any changes to the rules, an offer of a free gift (bible or self-improvement book), and a solicitation for feedback. No one has ever left feedback. Less than 10% take me up on the free gift.

So don’t waste your time. Residents will call and complain when there is something wrong.


Surveys are a terrible idea. You’re sending the message that you really might make your decisions based on what pleases the tenant. That means you should get ready for rent decreases, no rules, and a free flat screen TV for every lot. Since you are going to make your decisions strictly on what pleases you, don’t pretend like you care what their thoughts are. It only confuses the tenants. Newsletters, however, are OK if the park has decent quality tenants. It gives that same warm fuzzy feeling, but also allows you to promote your own interests (heat-tape in winter, etc.).