Resident Petitions Against Park Owners

My park manager called me today and said that I better be careful because some residents have petition against me. I had my manager serve some notices of rule violations to residents who needed to repair skirting, paint fences, etc… They have a petition stating that my rule is unfair, etc…

I told my manager that when I read the Florida statutes they clearly state that I can serve notices for rule violations and evict accordingly.

The statutes do not state that there is an exception for rules that tenants object to via petitions. My point is that I own the park and have the legal authority, subject to governmental regulations, to control matters within the park. Therefore, so long as I act pursuant to my authority, the residents can take their petition and get as many signatures as they wish, but it will have no binding affect on me.

As park owners we are not elected officals who can be voted out. There will always be a few residents who will try to instigate and disrupt the positive changes that you make to a park. I think it is important not to let them intimidate you.

When I was a kid my older brother used to say “it is my will agaisnt yours and you will lose.” I would love to say that to some of the unreasonable ignorant tenants. However, it would not be wise as they may try to introduce the statement to a judge in an effort to show that I am unreasonable.