Requirements for mobile home movers?

Just wanted to check, as landlord can I require that anyone removing a mobile home be licensed or otherwise qualified? Sounds like some hilljacks are going to come pull a mobile home, of course I have multiple reasons for not wanting this to happen, not the least of which is the past due rent… or the live electricity… or my plumbing to the home… 

With the moving of homes by unlicensed movers, the better strategy is to call 911 when you see someone trying to do this. It is illegal in most states to pull a mobile home without the correct equipment, a CDL, and a permit to do so. Talk to your state MHA.

In South Carolina the LLR (Labor, Licensing and Regulation) has a South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board that licenses:-  Manufactured Housing InstallersIn addition in SC a Mobile Home Moving Permit is required to move a mobile home from one location to another.I would agree with Frank to call 911 if you see someone moving the mobile home who does not have the proper permits.We wish you the very best!