Requirements for Home Owners Removing Home From Park

What do you other park owners require from home owners that are removing a home from your park?I am requiring:1.  Licensed electrician to disconnect and to provide Certificate of GL.2.  Moving company to provide Certificate of GL.Do you guys require a licensed electrician to perform the disconnect and provide certificates of GL?  Seems that this is an issue with the tenants as they all know a friend that is an electrician in one of the local plants or fab yards that can do this for them.  Their friend however is an employee of another company and does not have their own GL policy.  Move- ins definitely require a licensed electrician to connect service as it is required by permit office, but disconnect is not.  Am I being too onerous?  I just want to cover my a** in the event of an accident.  What are your policies regarding this?

We only require that the mover be a licensed mover and prove they have insurance coverage.  We, of course, require the resident to give us 30 days notice and pay rent that last month.Thanks,-jl-