Require tenants to remove hitch on older homes?

I am looking at a park with 20+ homes in it that have the the hitch attached. Most homes are from the 70’s and the previous owner did not require removing the hitch. Should I require all the tenants to have the trailer hitch cut off? I am guessing they would have to be torched off due to the age.Should I pay someone to cut all of them off or require 20 tenants to find 20 ways to cut them off?

We require it when the home changes ownership. So it is part of a home inspection that must be done prior to a lease being signed. 

There are several options you can do with a hitch. You can remove them, or hide them by skirting them. Some operators even put a planter with a plant in the middle of the hitch, after skirting them. Personally, I think that removing them is the best option, as it needs no maintenance and discourages or eliminates the ability to move the home. But check with your state MHA and make sure it’s legal to require the hitch to come off. If you want the hitches cut off, I"m sure you’ll have to find someone who can do it, as that’s not something that the average person is going to be able to locate.