Hi, i haven’t posted here for awhile. I Have 10 Lonnie deals and am having trouble getting payment from one of my buyers. I have given her 3- day notices and she usually eventually pays and I have even deferred several payments to get her back on track but the more lenient I am, the more I get abused. I have now threatened to evict her but still no payment. Can anyone give me advice an a next step? How do I go about repossessing a MH in Nebraska? I assume that I have to evict her first and then file repossession papers. I would assume this whole process takes at least a month.

Any suggestions on how to get her to pay in a timely manner? Like I said, when she was sick and out of work I deferred several payments so that she could get back on track and I keep telling her that she needs to call me when there is a problem, but she never does. I need to put the fear of eviction in her but I really don’t want to go to all of that trouble and expense only to have her pay up and start the whole process again.

First thing I do is try to get them to move on their own by incentivizing them to move.

Find out how much an eviction costs. Let’s say it’s 500 bucks. Then offer her less than that and you’ll pay for the moving truck if she is out by a certain date and the home is clean and passes your inspection and she signs the home over to you.

This usually works for me. I end up paying less than an eviction and the person is out faster and the home is in good shape.

While you do this, file the papers with the courts to evict her. If she doesn’t do any of the above that I mentioned, at least your eviction is moving forward. If she does follow your directions, you just cancel the eviction.

I don’t know the laws in Nebraska, so I hope this helps.