Repossessing Mobile Home

I 'm new at this…have met a few of you at the MOM conference in Georgia last year. I love the info I get here, check it out every morning.

Per Lonnie I checked out with our local Clerk of Court the process to reposse a mobile home…in Florida the small claims court max is $5000, so I would have to get a Lawyer…money and time.

Does anyone have an alternative? How can I handle this?

Thanks in advance for any info.


Here’s an alternative. Don’t go to court! I’ve done many deals and never had to go to court once for a Lonnie Deal. In my experience the buyers quit paying the park at the same time as me, so the park evicts them (which is easier than repossession) and I get the home back by default.


Jeff is right. But in today’s market there are so many defaults that the park owner might prefer to have a non-performing filled home then another vacancy, and so take some time pushing the your dead beat out.

Try protecting yourself by using a lease/option instead of a financed purchase. In the event of a default during the lease term you are legally acting as a landlord and the lessee/option holder has NO equity.

In the case of a repossession on a contract for purchase you are basically suing for the full value of the home. This bumps you out of small claims and up to a level where you will be required to bring a lawyer onto your payroll and get on the docket which could take years during these times of record high foreclosures.

Using a lease/option lets you sue for a single missed payment and keeps you in the range of small claims court. Small claims actions are designed, by most states, to move quickly to protect landlord rights and make it easy to take back your home.