Replaciong/repairing runners under an existing home

Should a runner underneath a home need repair…either from tree roots. settling or from other damage, how much repair do you do as park owner and how much do you bill to a tenant?

We have always placed the homes in our parks and as such we’ve poured new concrete runners when setting them up. I now have 2 tenants who say that their runners need repair/ replacement due to tree roots These are homes that have been in the park 20 years

In talking to another park owner, he said that he does not do these repairs, he considers it the tenants responsibility and if he has to repair runners or patios, he bills it back to the tenant. Further more, he says that he even holds his tenants responsible if the trees on their lots need trimming

He says that if the tenants do not want to pay for tree work, they should rent a lot without trees

Amazing that in all these years we’ve never had to repair a runner under an existing home, but we haven’t…so I’m wondering how you handle it.