Replacement Windows

We have a lot of older trailers and I am looking to incentivize residents to redo their siding, skirting, and windows. Does anyone recommend any particular manufacture or specs on the windows that are uniquely better for mobile homes or am I just on the hunt in the traditional window arena? Any brand preferences would be appreciated.

Most all extruded aluminum on older mobile homes is non-standard (windows, doors, vents). Finding replacement parts can be difficult. For example, if it is a window, it is often easier to have a new piece of glass cut and installed in the old frame. If you are upgrading, you might call Home Depot to see if they can produce custom made windows to odd sizes, or know of anyone who does.

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With older mobiles the easiest approach is to simply buy the vinyl window closest to the existing size and reframe. You will likely find structural damage from water that needs reframing anyway.

As far as type or quality any new window is better than the original so just buy the cheapest you can find at any home building store. If they are good enough for a $200,000 home they are good enough for a mobile.