RentManager Check Scanner

Not a ton of chatter on here about this. Seems like a no brainer to give to park manager to streamline deposits and load data directly into RM. $500, but seems like a necessity. Paylease only charges $0.40 per check. Anyone else using this? Thoughts?

I’m using one - it’s great. They take a photo of the check as well. My manager no longer has to make multiple trips to the bank for deposits and he emails me a copy of the deposits.

As a ‘merchant’ you can negotiate the check scanning cost with Paylease as well as the cost of the scanner. I was in the Payment Processing Industry for over 20 years; my company sold/sells check scanners and credit card machines to companies like Paylease… Typical cost of the scanner to Paylease is $300 to $400. Get one!

Out of curiosity, what do you pay per check?


We use Rent Manager too but are currently using check scanning software and scanner provided by my bank and I LOVE it. I’m not sure what Rent Manager charges for the service but I was my bank’s guinea pig so I don’t have to pay for the service. If I remember correctly, if you use Rent Manager’s setup, a copy of the check will automatically attach to the payment in the tenant’s account. That would definitely be ideal.

I pay Paylease $0.40/check and it’s the best money spent in my opinion. That said, it sounds like you have a nice setup :slight_smile:

I actually thought RM had to go through Paylease to use the epay function. Yes, the check attaches automatically to each account.

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Personally I’m being more ambitious and I plan to force (yes force - as in they have to agree to this upon lease renewal) 100% electronic payments. You can accomplish this with Paylease and any of its integration partner property management firms, or with competitors such as Paynearme (integrates with Appfolio among others).

For the unbanked who refuse to use any technology -> Walmart & Kmart accept their cash. The resident gets a PIN number and thus does not have to be using a smart phone or computer.

For those who prefer checks -> ACH via the resident online portal on phone or computer.

Debit/credit card users -> enter their number in the portal.

This method will let you go 100% electronic without alienating the technophobes in your customer base.

And then of rouse the cash paid at Walmart auto-populates the resident’s ledger, etc. Completely eliminates data entry. My next project after that is to follow Jefferson Lilly’s lead and sign up with Avidxchange to eliminate data entry for accounts payable .

How much are other people paying RM per check out of curiosity?