Rental property being bankrupt on

Here is the deal. My family and I are renting a mobile home in a park and our landlord has filed bankruptcy we are being told from a realtor that the bank has to give us 30 days notice. Now learning of this we have taking actions to buy a house. While we were looking at a house one of the people showing us one he let us know that the bank doesn’t have to give us a 30 day notice that when it comes to manufactured homes it is treated like a repossession and we will have 72 hours if and when the sheriff comes out. He says that we would not be covered under tenant laws in Oregon that we would actually fall under squatter laws and that is why we would get the short notice instead of a month notice.

Is this true? I have no idea, I just thought that we had a couple of months or whenever our landlords bankruptcy fell through in order for us to buy a house.