Rental Lot Advertising for Park Homes

Given that small “park model” homes are often installed on rental lots in RV parks or MHCs, can anyone here share their experience or opinions on the best ways to advertise the availability of rental lots?

I’m searching back through earlier forum comments on this topic but would welcome any info on what works best in today’s market.

Same channels as MHCs or RV parks? Social media channels or private websites?

We are creating and improving about 10 nice park home rental lots with public utilities in our new mixed-use mountain community as part of a pilot project to test the local market demand for park homes. If successful we may expand the project and allocate another 75 lots or so for long term rental operations.

Hospitals (traveling nurses), school districts (new teachers), Army Corp of Engineers if near your location, Forest Service and in home care agencies providing 24 hour care for people with disabilities. Just call them directly… had great success.