Rental experiment update

6 weeks ago we filled 11 vacancies by lowering money to get in (deleted last month’s rent on all units). One we had to evict…druggie and tweaker.

One paid rent on the first, and when I got back from Cozumel (1week YAY!!) I drove by units to check for wind damage and front door was open and A/C running.

No one home…neighbor says folks left on the 4th or 5th with pickup loaded and never came back!!!

This home was loaded with truly nice furniture and brand new water/ice fridge and glass top range.

About 400 cleaning, paint, vinyl in one bath needed. have 500 deposit to cover this. First home needed carpet in master cleaned, pest spray, new front door (kicked in ). Had 1/2 of 500 deposit and cost to repair was over 450.

We are happy with these odds. If I had it to do aagain, I would. the increased cash flow from the 9 rentals that are current was needed and we were not hurt too badly from the two that flaked.

We are seeing tax return activity for rentals and sales…we are still slow, but things are looking up in our market…anyone else seeing this?

BTW…never saw a single mobile in Cozumel and it was wonderful to take a week off…no phones, no employees, no vehicle issues…whew!




Glad you had the chance to take some time off and relax. You have earned and deserved it many times over.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in this business that we can forget why we got into it. Yes we all want to make money but the most common theme I hear is people say they want to better their families and have more time with their families.

If we don’t take time off the mobile home treadmill we are not being true to our own words.

We need that time away to recharge and come back fresh. There will always be more to do and problems to handle. If we don’t refresh, we will burn out before our time.

See you at MHMillions Greg.



Hopefully you went to San Francisco Beach ( Playa San Francisco ) while vacationing in Cozumel. I vacationed there for 3 years once. Actually I owned the parasail and wave runner concessions there before I returned to reality and somehow got into the wonderful business of MHPs.

Life is Great

Rick Ewens


Glad you took the time off, you needed and deserve it my friend.

The 15 home rental experiment we have tried has been successful in my opinion 14 rented 1 flake so far, adjustments need to be made during these changing times, sounds like you made a good decision to me ours is working for us.

I agree with Tony full heartedly, one of the best parts of this business is the quality time with family and the ability to do it when I choose to, the key is keeping it all in balance, a week with one of my daughters or my son and I come back recharged fully understanding why I love this business.

Life is good I thank the lord for the blessings,

Fred Balke

time off? Hell, I am fighting with my wife over the fact that what I do is so much fun, I don’t need a vacation!

Spring break? Closing, repairing, and filling rentals! WooHoo!

We’re not really fighting - 'cause she wins all the fights . . . we’re more like, um, er, discussing, yeah that’s it.

Seriously, I rarely feel the need to break away. Of course, the family needs to get away, so I have to. And I go nutso the whole time I’m gone!

Guess I’ll grow out of it, but six years and going strong . . . still like a kid in a candy store.

a smelly, moldy, fulla-junk candy store on wheels, but you know what I mean!