Rental Application Question

We use a rental application and are starting to really screen our prospective tenants. We are wondering if when we are contacting the prospective tenants previous landlord or current employer, do we need a waiver to do so? Just trying to cover ourselves. Let me know if anyone has any input or knowledge.

The waver should be part of the application form you have them sign which provides all their pertinent information. It simply needs to be added to the end where they sign.


The applicant represents that all statements made above are true and correct. The applicant is hereby
Notified that a consumer report containing credit and/or personal information and a criminal record report may be referred to in connection with this rental application.
The applicant authorises the verification of the information contained in this application and the information obtained from personal references.
This application is not a rental or lease agreement. I/we have read, understand and am/are prepared to sign the (NAME of COMMUNITY) AGREEMENT containing the standards, practices and conditions of tenancy in the community.

The prior landlords (especially apartment complexes) will ask for a copy of the signed application with language like @Greg mentioned before they will tell you anything - especially if they had any late payments or verifying current income. As a result yes a waiver like that is mandatory in all cases.