Rent-to-Own portfolio note Buyers? any out there want to buy my notes?

I have 40  performing Rent-to own notes in one Park and want to sell the portfolio. I expect any offers will be at a discount. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find an interested buyer?Eric- 845-359-6443

Hello Eric. Not to burst your hopes here but if these notes are chattel there are no buyers that I know of that will buy them and even if they liked the park, homes, seasoning and term on note- not sure if RTO is a good security agreement to transfer. Also they would be discounted hugely just to let you know.Now if the homes are titled as real estate and title surrendered- then they will have more value but I am assuming that they are not and therefore chattel.Obviously would need more info on them all but my best advice would be to google" chattel mortgages- mobile home paper, " and see the results.Wish I had better news for you and the best of luck to you…Richard B. 912-224-1480