Rent collection technique

I was looking at parks in Florida and came upon this technique that I had never seen used before…shame

a park had a bulletin board outside the office at the main entrance. In large letters at the top it said “Rent is due on the first day of every month payment beyond the 10th day will result in late charges”

below that was a list of 6 or so tenants names and a note that said “Contact the office IMMEDIATELY”

It didn’t say as much but one could assume that they were behind in their rent!

I don’t know what the ramifications of this technique are but it made me laugh out loud because numerous times I have thought of doing this.

The closest thing I do is when I post eviction notices, they are HUGE and printed on bright paper and make sure they are well attached to the home on a high window on the front of the home using either spray on adhesive or half a roll of tape, which requires the offenders to climb up on a ladder and scrape the thing off before the neighbors see it.

SInce I take pictures of how the notice is attached, no one can complain that it “blew away”