Rent collection from out of state

Hello Friends

I own a park in Texas and implementing a rent collection system. for years the previously has gone from trailer to trailer and collected the rents when the people were home. I want to collect rents by mail or automatic payment. I have a part time assistant manager in the park but for the most part, want to collect rents by mail or auto draft. any feedback would be greatly appreciatede and I look forward to meeting all of you @MOM in Austin

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                                          Greg Burgeson (916)995-4928


I don’t collect for or own properties out of my area so please keep that in mind. I would only offer these suggestions for further discussion.

There has been much archived here and at other sites about direct deposits so I am sure you can find much greater detail there (I don’t do that either).

Having all tenants mail money orders to my address would be where I would start. I would then document the collections and mail late notices and pay or quit notices (as your state may require).

If your state allows, the onsite manager would have to be the one to file to evict non-paying tenants. This would require greater trust in this person that is often the case in many parks but only time can tell the wisdom of such a decision.

I am not a fan of distance anything so again, take my suggestions with that grain of salt in mind.

Hopefully others will offer more discussion.