Remove lien on title---Ohio

I just sold my mobile home to a guy that paid me over a three year period, he is now all paid up. How do I remove or release my lien from the title? Can I just sign the lienholder discharge on the tile, or do I have to physically go to the title bureau and have them do it? Thank you.

You should be able to just sign off on the lien holder position and hand the title over BUT I’m not from OH. A quick call to the DMV will get you the correct answer for your state w/o any guessing.

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Ryan Needler

Take the Prommisory Note and the title to the auto title section of the Clerk of Courts office. They will keep the Note and remove the lien. Make sure you keep a copy of the Note for your records.

Glen (OH)


Glenn knows his stuff, but unfortunately he likes to do more work than he needs to!

In Ohio, when a buyer pays off his loan, you only have to print your name and sign the front of the title where it says “lien discharge”, and mail it to your buyer. The simple fact that the owner of the home now has the title in his possession is evidence for the BMV that the loan has been paid off. The buyer can then go on his own time to the BMV and remove the lien, and get a new title free and clear.