Remote check scanner deposits; money orders

Hi was considering getting a check scanner for remote deposits but the bank says it will NOT accept money orders. I have had this issue to with the remove deposit ones.

Are the people who are using check scanners having this issue? Or do they say they don’t take them but actually take them.

This is Bank Of America. Any comments on this specific issue are welcome.

I use check scanners at all my properties. Money orders are a large bulk of my payments. I would definitely find one that accepts money orders.

Is this pay lease or through a bank?

That’s strange - especially in an age where I can deposit a check by taking a picture of it with my phone. BofA has a pretty sophisticated payment processing platform so I’m surprised they are saying that. Did you talk to a rep at BofA’s Payments Processing center? If not, try them.

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Any recommendations on check scanners that have worked well for you? Something that may be in my future…

Definitely the way to go forthe future. Your bank will have ones they recommend to lease or purchase

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I use Bank of America and scan checks. I’ve had no problems scanning in money orders - I only get one a month, but it has never been questioned or rejected.

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Thanks, this was one thing i was thinking… that they say it doesnt accept them but maybe it does. I was thinking to , thats what they use in the branch…

I think its a 30 day trial so definitely something ill verify first hand.