Remodel or not?

I need advise. Is it worth remodeling a mobile home. I mean ,roof,walls,windows?

Need a lot more information than that. This is a dilemma I go through as well. I think I have come to the conclusion that I would spend a max of around $10,000 to remodel an old late 70’s home. A newer 90’s or 2000’s I would spend more remodeling because I can sell them for $20,000+ in my market.

The more empty lots I have the more inclined I am to remodel the home especially if it is not easy to find, purchase, and sell newer homes.

When I go through this thought process the hardest part is working through these factors.

  1. How many empty lots I have
  2. How much will it cost to remodel the home
  3. Would that money be better spent on a newer used home with peaked roof than fixing this old flat roof home up
  4. How difficult is it to get a newer peaked roof home, how much more will it cost me, and a comparison of the work/effort involved in both scenarios
  5. How much do I value the aesthetics of a newer home over this old one
  6. How easy or difficult is it to sell the rehabbed home vs a more expensive newer home
  7. How much does it cost to tear down
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In our experience as mobile home remodelers, it depends on the price you can get selling it, and the monthly rent, if its the case.

We are working in several MHC and the managers and owners always ask us to bid for every home, unless it is notoriously in bad condition.

Then they decide to rehab it or demolish or remove.

Sometimes the scope of our work is modified because some items are going to be done in-house.

We have rehabbed homes in very bad shape and for the park owners it has worth it!

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