Relinquishing home

My eviction failed on this guy Judge said since I sold it on a note I need to file a Possession of Real property, I have since amended my notes from info learned at MHM6.

Anyway as stated before me the park and I had a communication problem with this guy and he had never properly filled out the lot application. So after my eviction failed the park came down heavy on him and he is now moving out.

I am going to get him to sign a voluntary relinguishment of possesion of the home and he is to return the key. According to what I know that is enough to void his possesion of the home and allow me to regain it.

He never signed the title so I am seeing no problems at this point.

Advice needed is; will this work and be enough to keep him from coming back on me in the future? I am inserting a hold harmless now or in the future clause. Anything else needed?




You might want to have him sign it IN FRONT OF a notary.