Rehabbing older sw poh

Hi, I have in the past moved off old poh’s that were in bad shape but I have one (14X70) that someone suggested I should just put a metal roof on, put vinyl siding on, redo floors and walls.  Do any of you have experience doing this if so can you give me a ballpark idea on costs to do the above?Thanks

Do you have any plans for the kitchen, bath, windows, doors. Are you planning on painting walls or do they require drywall. What is the condition of the ceilings.I have done numerous mobile home renos from lipstick to 100% inside and out. The cost depends on the extent and quality/level of the work. Some have said $5000 for a lipstick reno but I doubt this would include siding and roof. Kitchens and bath replacement are expensive but a paint job is minimal on cabinets.Depending on the degree of work, quality and whether you are doing the work or paying someone the cost could range from $10,000 to $40,000 plus. It all depends on the extent of your plans and the astatic level of the community.

Thanks Greg, I plan on, if it’s feasible, to do metal roof, siding, plywood over existing floors, thin paneling over existing paneling and replacing commodes and sinks but not bath vanities.  I plan on keeping kitchen same just painting cabinets.

TSykes, my Husband and I have done and are currently doing multiple Mobile Home renovations.IF you have an experienced, reliable, honest and reasonably priced Mobile Home Contractor, you can turn an eye sore into something of beauty…relatively speaking.Thus far, we have just Cool Sealed the roofs.However, our Mobile Home Contractor said that he could put on a metal roof on a singlewide 14x70 for around $2,500.  He installs metal roofs for other Mobile Home Parks.We have done other repairs for singlewide Mobile Homes for:-  Exterior - New - Wooden Stairs:  $400-  Exterior - New - Underskirting:  $800-  Exterior - New - Paint:  $400-  Interior - New - Paint - Ceilings, Walls, Trim - All White:  $400-  Interior - New - Subfloors:  -  Interior - New - Tubs:  -  Interior - New - Tub Surrounds:  -  Interior - New - Toilets:  -  Interior - New - Vanity:  $200-  Interior - New - Light Fixtures:  $40 Per Basic Light Fixture-  Interior - New - Wood Looking - Vinyl:  -  Interior - New - Vinyl Blinds:  $60 I do not have individual prices for these off the top of my head. It is amazing what a little renovation can do for a Mobile Home.  IF you make your Mobile Home nicer than your competitors and price it a bit under market, you should be able to find hard-working Tenants who take pride in keeping your home nice and paying you rent.We wish you the very best!

Kristin,Thank you so much for your help.  I believe I am going to rehab this one instead of having it hauled away.  Thanks for the prices.