Refuse Specialists -- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Anyone have any experience with Refuse Specialists? General experiences or advice on the do’s and dont’s when talking to these types of services is appreciated. I’m debating whether it’s worth engaging what is essentially a trash service broker? Thanks in advance for any and all insights.

There is no loss out of your pocket. The broker just goes out and either finds another trash company or renegotiates your contract and they get a commission. Some places are easy some places are harder. It’s definitely worth it. They can also figure out how to best structure your garbage and maybe save money there.

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FYI, I’ve tried to use them but there were no competition on the contracts the city had with the garage provider.

From my own experience , you may not need one of these guys to negotiate. They might be able to get you better deals ( i wouldn’t know since i have done it) but trash co’s will bid against others and get you better pricing etc.

Also thing about expanding container sizes, reducing pickups etc, as that might reduce pricing but in theory , not reduce volume if you size it right.

Good luck

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