Recommendations for a VA bookkeeper for Rent Manager

Has anyone found success working with a VA to do their bookkeeping on Rent Manager. Any best practices? Is there a business in the Philippines or in India that someone’s found success with? I’m open to your ideas.

We found ours on Upwork. Post your job description, down select, have a few interviews, and hire one

There is a lot of talant overseas. You can find someone you can work with on upwork.

Thing I would say is remember what these people did for you while you scaled your company, I owe a lot to people in the Philippines. Don’t forget the people you hire in your business, and what they allowed you to do.


I am looking for the same thing. Have used Upwork in the past for jobs… some success but other times not so much. I looked into Shepard - they can likely find a good overseas person but they staff full time only and charge a staffing fee. I’m not sur I need a person full time, but still considering it. Just not sure If I can find a dependable person part time on upwork.