Recommendation for holiday gift to tenants?

Hi guys,
First of all, I want to thank everyone for helping me grow my knowledge in this MHP investing journey. I’m thinking to send some gifts to our tenants to show our appreciation and I’m wondering what would you guys suggest? This is our first time doing so since we bought it earlier this year. Thanks!


How about a holiday party for the resident children?


I give a handwritten Holiday Card thanking them for their business.


I’ve always liked the idea of a gift certificate for a ham or turkey at a local grocery store.


That depends on the budget, we do a holiday party here in California but due to Covid, that won’t be happening this year. A card makes sense.

we bought a huge smoker and use it to do BBQ parties during the summer. Good food is always appreciated, but it is a ton of work for us… but i like the spirit of us serving them.
We do raffle tickets for everyone - then draw for bikes, balls, Lowes gift certificates (so they spend it on improvements) and free ice cream cones for the Kiddos – gifted to us by Baskin and Robbins.


We sent a survey out to the residents and in it asked the parents what their child would want for Christmas. We asked them to stayed in the $20 budget per kid. Then we ordered those gifts on Amazon and had our amazing property manager give them out to all the kids. It was a big hit. Took some effort but was very much worth it.


Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Allows you to avoid the task of accounting for religious preferences, which you should have zero information for in your files.

Give your on site manager a few hundred bucks to help those scraping by in need during Christmas.


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