Reasonable parking

I have recently rented a POH to a family with older kids; altogether the family has 3 vehicles. My park has gravel and milling parking spots. There is space for 2 vehicles at the home, and I said the third could be parked at a vacant home 1 empty lot over. Altogether that’s 4 good spaces on rock, this seems reasonable to me. I have talked to them twice about it. They have lots of visitors–I don’t believe there’s drug dealing or anything else going on, their kids have friends and there’s another family member who visits. They and their visitors park on the grass alongside the road. As I warned them, it’s now a huge mess.

This time of year until about April it’s going to be pure mud. Freezing temps are the only things to give a break to the mud.

Option 1: There are old parking spaces across the street and next to this unit which mostly look like lawn grass but I know it’s hard packed with some gravel under the grass. (I also told them to use those–they use them parallel to the road and drive through soft ground, when they should be pulling in to them.) I’m thinking I will order about $600 of rock and a couple of tractor hours and turn one into an official 2-3 car parking area. Probably add railroad ties to protect the margins. It would be a good location for common parking for all. Issue rules about parking in these spaces. Park there and have your visitors park there or get evicted. As I think about it, it seems like this would be a good thing to do and could look nice.

Option 2: Reiterate, they have access to 4 spaces. If they can’t follow, evict. I have some doubts about this tenant after some things that happened as they moved in, although I guess in 2 days when I can consider rent late, I’ll know more.

This is difficult because I have another person in the park who has his whole family (1-2 cars beyond his lot’s spaces) over about once a month.They park on the road and in these other semi-graveled spaces and manage not to tear up the grass. I guess the “rule” would be to not park in a way that tears up the grass, rather than allowing or not allowing occasional on-street parking.

My community rules provide 2 spaces for vehicles per lot. Parking on the road or anywhere on any grass is prohibited. I have informed residents of vacant laneways their guests can park in and hold all residents responsible for their guests parking. I have had some residents guests and residents pull to the side of the road half on the grass and have given them warnings to move the vehicles. I have also issued several eviction notices to residents for continuing to have cars parked on the lawns after being warned. I also make them pay to have any damaged lawn sodded.
The subdivision I personally live in does not allow vehicles to be parked on the grass and no one would ever do so. I expect the same of residents in respecting the rules regarding parking on MY GRASS in my community.
I have also issues police No Trespass notices to residents guests that resist following the rules.