Reading Rolf"s post about the crap keeps on coming reminds me

of a different property rights issue. The state of Washington changed their septic laws and put a different agency in charge.

I bought my park in 2007. 73 spaces w/ 42 vacancies. This park was built in 1980 with a first class septic system. After a state mandated inspection in 2008 they said I could fill the park. When I went to pull some permits to place some used homes into the park last year the county told me I had to clear it first with the new state agency. The state agency asked for copies of our septic blue prints and declared that our park system could only support 42 homes. But if I could prove lower than average water usage(city water) I could add a few more homes.

The whole thing is EX POST FACTO…very bizarre. My guess is that I might battle my way to 50 homes. They said I could add more drainfield and they’d raise the ceiling. What cracks me up is my system is probably better designed, built and maintained than most of the park septics

in the USA at this time. When the park was built the state/county said ok to 73 homes. What changed ? I have a couple of ideas on how to manage this whole problem. I’m curious what some of the other great minds on this forum would do if they were in my shoes.

P.S. I will hit the number 42 this summer.