Reading Meters & Billing Back

Hello all!

New to the forum and first time park owner here.

My question is about comparing the utility bill back to the amount we paid.

We read the meters and bill back for all utilities (water, sewer, and electric… yes we are master meter electric).

But the city usually charges us for water/sewer on the 7th and the electric company on the 15th. We read our meters around the 15th.

I’d like to get an accurate apples to apples date comparison to see if I am recouping all my utilities but with the different pay cycles that makes it nearly impossible. How do you guys handle this? Do you just figure if its close enough then it’s ok?

Any and all insights appreciated.



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Why not just read your master meters yourself when you read the sub-meters? You would see how much the park used (Master meter) and how much the tenants used (sum of sub-meters).


Thanks for the reply. Easy enough idea. I’ll do that.