Re: Wanting to buy Mobile Home Park - Real Estate Agent runaround?

That is what I was figuring, that it was a stall tactic. I finally got a call back after calling two or three more times trying to reach him with a counter offer of $625K cash (no owner financing). The agent said that someone else is also bidding on this and that we both got counter offers. I asked why the owner did not offer an owner financing option anymore and was told that his accountant said it made no difference whether he got all the cash now or payments that it would not affect him with his taxes. I was told that I could counter with an offer with owner financing. I think that the trailer park, not being on the market for even a month, needs to be on the market longer without anybody willing to pay this much for it, in order to get it for a decent price. I just would have thought that the counter offer would have been a little lower than that.