Re: Solar power


We have a company specializing in solar power. We can provide PV panels and controllers for a variety of situations. The electrical side of solar is practical anywhere where there are good solar credits. For example in Michigan, solar credits for photovoltaics approach 75% of the project cost. This allows payback in way less than 10 years.

Better than PV is Solar Thermal. The best efficiency for an electric panel is way less than 20%. Thermal systems by comparison, approach 95% efficiency, and provide hot water for heat and hot water. Cost for a mobil home start at approximately $5,000 with a tax CREDIT of 30% nation wide. If you are heating with Propane, payback is roughly 5 years or less.

Our company R & H Unlimited LLC specializes in custom solar solutions. We also have super high efficiency insulation packages based upon expanded polystyrene. We have limited information available at our website . For more information send an e-mail.

We have solutions available today, and can ship in days.



Harry B. Harlow, PhD

Chief Scientist

R & H Unlimited, LLC