Re-siding a mobile home

We have a home that needs to be rehabbed. Our biggest issue is the exterior of the home is rotted. Trying to figure out the most cost effective way of doing it. Has anyone completely resided a mobile home? Can you go right over the old wood with new vinyl? rip out all the rotted wood and replace with new treated wood? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we dont want to dump a fortune into this home. 

I think you could go either way.  If I were you, I’d get 3 competing bids from vendors, and pick the least expensive route - which will probably be to put vinyl right over the old siding.  Protecting homes from water damage is top priority.  Check your roof too.Good luck,-jl-

When you reside make sure the contractor applies a quality house wrap. Vinyl siding is not a water barrier it is only cosmetic.