Re-Sale Value

I have found a few single and double wide homes less then 10 years old anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand.

Where can I go to find out how much I can expect to resale these homes if they had damage that I repaired. Is there a kelly blue book for mobile homes.

How are you guys projecting the value of the trailer after you repair them?

Does it make it easier to sale if one owner finances?

Can one sale it for higher then normal if one offers to owner finance?

I don’t want to pay 12,000 repair for 5,000 then only be able to sale it for 15,000, how do I avoid this?

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob . . .

You REALLY need to invest your first $30 in the book, Deals On Wheels; go to the Books & Courses section of this site.

You have ahold of the thread, but to make sure that as you pull it, it comes out straight, please, please, PLEASE! follow the guidelines Lonnie has laid out.

ALL your questions are answered there, and they are answered better than we could do it here.