Re-Roofing a Mobile Home

One of the mobiles I inherited when I purchased the park has a damaged roof. I am curious what is the easiest, cheapest but effective waht to re-roof. I saw what someone did recently…they used a self adhesive metal like thread with asbestos base that is rolled on in 3 foot rolls. But it is very expensive. Is there any reason you can’t just tar and gravel?

We ‘reskin’ the roof. In general terms- we take 2x4’s and attach them to the roof. If we go longways we do not need to reshape them. If we go across the roof- we wet them, and then bend them into the shape of the roof, then attach them to the roof and they ‘dry out’ with the roof curve in it. Then we use corrugated metal roofing across the roof. In most cases you will not need to cut the metal. You need to block the gap between the old roof and new roof with something- wood, metal mesh etc… this will keep out the birds and other critters that want to life in the gap. The home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Now a word about this… now that you know what to look for- when you drive parks you will spot this. If you EVER buy a home with a roof that had been modified a few things to note. If the roof is too heavy, it might overweight the home walls in transport- the walls slip off the floor and your home is now all over the interstate. If the roof is a bit loose- or not really secure to the home- it might peel off in a wind or going down the road. Also- not much fun to have 14’ metal roofing sections flipping off your home at high speed down the road. Some parks MANDATE a pitched roof be put on homes in their parks- be very, very careful with these homes. The construction of a mobile home is not designed to hold the extra weight.

Hope this helps…


Can I ask about how far apart you space the 2x4’s.

Do you make a pitch so the water runs off.

Do you leave the prior roof in place & just put tar paper over it.

Do you have to get a permit for it.

Do you make gutters for the new roof

Are there any other tricks involved that will shorten my learning curve.


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I have some homes that have composite shingles that are leaking. What is the best way to repair these roofs? I am concerned that if we put another lawyer of shingles on top of the old ones that is may be too much weight for the structure. Are you all removing the shingles and replacing? Or are you all skinning these roofs with metal? Please let me know.

I would be less concerned with the weight issue than with the fire safety issue. Check with your local Fire Department. Usually you can put a second layer of shingles on a roof (but not a third layer). We usually put on a second layer, and then scrape it all off if/when the time comes for a 3rd roof.


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Hi Jim-Would you mind answering WilliamT’s second list of questions? I’d like to learn too.

I never have done re-roofing of mobile home but now roof repair is needed for the mobile home. So, anyone here can share some suggestions how to do it?


If you see the shingles not aligned, or “disheveled”, and/or see stains in parts of the ceiling, most probably there are some damages to the roof’s plywood decking.

Normally we assess the damaged deck and recommend the size of needed repairs. Could be from one to many wood sheaths.

Either case, the work includes removal of existing asphalt shingles, roof underlayment and damaged sheaths; asses joists and replace wood sheaths, underlayment and new shingles. Transport and disposal of debris and use of magnets around the home to get rid of nails and staples.

We have a client that have been installing metal panels above existing metal or shingles roofs. Have the panel cut so they protrude around one foot from the home each side and install it directly with screws to the roof joists.

I just received 3 bids to tear off old roof, new plywood and shingles. 4.5k; 6k and 7k. This does not include any hidden issues like broken rafters, mold remediation or the like.
The current value of the home is 15k +/- so I put a brown tarp on the roof screwing it down with 1x3’s.
The tenant is a nightmare and if I rehab the trailer I can sell it for substantially more. So now I wait. But no more damage to interior.

What do you think about aluminum?