Re: Public Appolgies

I am putting back some money every month for the next class. This one is full I was told. And that is a good thing. I need to get to that class to find other investors to work with. I get a lot of leads for parks for sale. I just do not have the capitol to buy a park.

I can fill a park fast with the help of my students in my MH focus group. They trust me and I wan’t steer them the wrong way. I just want a MH park. No more homes spread over 16 parks 30 miles from each other.

All of my single family homes have broke me. I mean broke me. Imagine losing 1300 every month one is empty. Now have 30 homes and average 20% vacancy raat when you are only making 100-200 cash flow a month. Single family homes are not wise in my opinion.

I know that my waste smells like every one else, but I honestly believe from my past success and the effort I put in I am a very valuable asset to the right team.