Re: Ownership Structure / Cash


All good advice from Jim, as usual.

I believe you are looking for money - and it is right under your nose. If you are involved in a nursing home or boarding school operation, you have access to tons of people who are sitting on tons of IRA money - your perfect money partner = tons of cash, and tons of experience in wealth creation and preservation.

Ask around to your group, there will be unbelievable monies right there. Who is the CPA for the facility? The people who volunteer time? The Dr’s wives, the head of the United Way who is involved in programs there, who golfs with the Head Master?, The plumber for the school - I bet he has 15 guys who work for him - he’d be a great potential partner - he can put in new sewer lines for you, etc, etc, etc.

See how those creative juices start to flow? If we were closer, I’d let you buy me lunch. :slight_smile: