Re: Just getting started. Have some educational questions


Rolf is absolutely right - MOMs are great.

Now there is a “bar-type” joke about this that I will share over a few beers, but basically the moral to the story is if you can get this one - and that one, you got it twice.

Now don’t take this next part as a rant - ok, you can take it as a rant…

In other words - go to Dave’s, then go to MOM - your dollar cost average will be $170 per event. Bring a friend and it is even cheaper. IMHO, if these events were $5,000-10,000 each, you may need to make a decision. At a few hundred bucks - geez, that’s a meal for two with wine.

If you are thinking about - or already in the business, I can not even think why anyone would even debate the cost of any event. It is your business.

When you are new, you are looking for lots of ideas - and will get them. When you are experienced, you are looking for just one little nugget - and you will get that at events. Remember, it is not going to be a room full of rank amateurs - these events are filled with young superstars and salt and pepper-haired people who have done it all.

Gates and Buffett brainstorm - I am certainly not smarter than them. Events on your business are ALWAYS a benefit.