Re: How to fill vacant pads


gotcha. I know - we go through the same thing. Just bought a park from a dealer - who financed it for us. Great deal for both parties - now he is pulling homes out - two because he didn’t like the lot increase, more because he wants the cash out and not monthly income. He is not being smart.

We have had more than one conversation that it is imperative to him that I am successful - he doesn’t care one iota - he is out for himself. He has sold 12 more homes in our park on full recourse and that is a potential if he gets a hair to pull them and put them on land, etc. You know what, it wouldn’t bother us a bit.

Glad to hear you have great relations with your people.

The contract option thing, not sure how that would work.

you could make one rule that no homes get pulled without a deposit and pre-authorization. you could also have a pre-qual through you before anyone moves in. But as far as they have to sell their home to you…

Maybe someone else has a twist on this.

Brad Simmons