Re: "Greeter" system


I should know – I invented the term. A “greeter” is like the guy at Walmart that gives you a grocery cart and says “welcome to Walmart”. They are pretty much just a warm body to act as your agent in the park – really your eyes and ears at all times when you are not there (which is most of the time). Their duties are whatever you ask them to do. For example, what is the VIN number on the trailer in lot #4? Is there sewage standing in lot #49? Is all of the power knocked out to the park?

Unlike a manager, a greeter has no real responsibilities or duties, other than acting as your eyes and ears. They do not collect rent, enforce rules, interact with tenants (unless you ask them to) or any of the normal items a manager does. They are only possible when you have a centralized office to handle those duties. For example, all the rent is sent into an off-site P.O. Box. The greeter system will not work if you actively sell or rent park-owned homes, nor will it work if you engage in daily RV rentals. It only works in stabilized parks where you rent only the lot and nothing more.

Traditionally, greeters receive free lot rent as compensation – that’s all.