Re: Florida Broker

So… here is how we do this.

To find brokers in other states we find a list of all of the cities in a state that orders them according to population size. We then take every metro area over 2000, or 2500 depending on the state and contact two brokers from each area. One commercial, one residential.

link to a site that will give the lists

We contact these agents via email, telling them we are looking in their state and if anything is out there, to let us know.

I have not done this for Florida, but, I would guess if I generated an email I would have 150 +/- reply’s from brokers and probably 20 +/- listings of parks I had no idea were listed.

Then I would sort the reply’s back by population, see where I had gaps and find other agents in those areas…

If you choose to do this be ready- because the emails come a flying

This is how in my office we ‘make our own wind’