Re: Do I Need to Compensate the Tenants for Not Getting Water

we don’t have cisterns, so that is not an option. Our licensing for a public water system requires us to have an emergency plan on file with the EPA and on hand to implement in case of emergency. Aren’t you required to do that? The EPA lets us know if the plan is adequate and amends it as needed

Our plan calls for bottled water to be purchased by the tenants, and reimbursed by us for short term outages…if anything more than 6 hours we bring in both bulk water and bottled water (the bulk water is potable water, but lets face it, it’s sitting in a tank and the residents fill buckets and pans and whatever through a hose…so we tell them to boil it before use or use it for toilet flushing etc.

if you were bringing in water to serve the cisterns how long were they without water?

frankly, we’ve never given rent credit for water being out because their water is free … but we do offer to reimburse them for what ever their expenses were…however, since we had several problems that required the system being down for maintenance, we are going to give them a little gift this spring as a thankyou for their patience… but I think if you give them credit to them you’ve set a precedent.