Re: City Ordinances

Linda Wrote:

Thank you for all your comments. Wow, I got alot

to learn. I signed up for the Inaugual Summit in

Anaheim already. I think I will continue with my

due deligence but will tread very careful. Will

keep you posted on my progress.



I have done hundreds of real estate deals and consider myself pretty savvy, that set the stage for this… do yourself a favor and buy the Due Diligence book these guys put out. I got a copy and it sits on my bookshelf until I put something U/C. Then it moves to my nightstand and I read up every night. I have a highlighter, paperclips and sticky notes ready to flag new things I better look at.

Buying a mobile home park can be like buying a small sub division. It has its own zoning and rules that are set by the city, county and state. You have power, sewer and water lines and maybe even own the systems that operate the water and sewer. Everyone wants to have their hand in your pocket and tell you what to do…

Anyway, it is the only book I have bought that I re-read every deal.

PS- See you in Cali…