Re: Advertising

we get a LOT of leads from

I would say it is well worth your time to market your available homes on there - it is very inexpensive compared to the newspaper.

It is not a sexy looking site with all the flashing this and that - but the SEO is amazing, so when people are searching for a MH to buy or rent, MHBay will come up very high on the list.

I know I’m not going to convince many of you that a top website is worth your while, that is not my job. But for those of you who understand the quality website plan - get one, your bottom line will thank you.

I would highly agree with you. SEO is the easiest and free way of improving the popularity of your business. It will definitely help you to build a strong authority in industry.

Brad is spot on. My website is worth its weight in gold and makes a good impression on people before they ever see the park. It can always be better so I’m never completely satisfied with it. Tweak and re-tweak.

As for SEO, you may or may not need to do this. Not putting it down or anything - it is valuable - it’s just that this industry is so primitive that you may be the only park with a website for miles and miles. Your website becomes a top hit simply by default. Now, if you have competitors with websites in the area, SEO may be totally worth it.


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