"RBI" license in Texas?

I have read that to run a mobile home community in Texas, one needs an “RBI” license from the state of Texas. What is this? I done a search and turned up nothing.

Can anybody doing business in Texas please help me out?




The RBI license stands for Retailer, Broker, Installer. Mobile home parks are required to have the RBI license. In order to secure the license you will need to go to Austin for a 3 day course. It is not very difficult and after completing the 3 day course and a fee of course :slight_smile: you will have your license.

Here is the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs guidelines for the RBI license:



Hi Corey,

Would licensed real estate agents need to apply for this license as well? Thanks for your help!



Licensed real estate agents would not need the RBI license unless they owned/operate a MHP or was in the business of buying mobile homes and selling them.


Thanks for letting me know, Corey. I appreciate it!



Where does the Texas Law say that a Mobile Home Park Owner must have a RBI license? I have not been able to find this info.




I went on the TDHCA website last night and could not find where it said that a mobile home park owner needs to have a RBI license as well. I know that in the class to get the license it was reconfirmed that a license was needed.

Either the TDHCA has removed that requirement (quite possible as they have been making significant changes over the last 12 months to requirements) or it is just not posted on their website.