Ray Alcorn's book

Reading older posts, I’ve noticed that people whom I’ve met and respect have recommended a book by Ray Alcorn: “Dealmaker’s Guide to Mobile Home Parks.” Diligent search for the book was to no avail. The only material I came across, written by Ray Alcorn, is entitled “Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercia Real Estate.” Is the latter title that of the recommended book? I have a lot to learn about this business and need to study the best available.

As always, all your help is very much appreciated.

The best to all of you,

Bernd Hanak

The book’s are indeed different. The Mobile Home Parks book is out of print. I’ve read posts from Mr. Alcorn that he hopes to update the book at some point, but he feels that it is a bit long in the tooth (it’s around 10 years old).

That said, I’ve seen one pop up on eBay now and then.


If anyone has a copy they would like to sell - contact me.