Random thoughts

Thanks for the kind comments, Greg and Ellen. The closest thing to a real estate investing group was 500 miles from where I lived in ND, so I’m loving all the support and connections I’ve already made in the south.

My goals this year are two-fold: the first was to automate my lonnie deal business in ND so that I could leave it. So far so good, all systems are in place and I’ve got people there selling for me, so the cashflow keeps coming in. I might even continue to buy MHs there since I know the market and can get them cheap.

The second is to generate cash in 2006 so I can buy a park in the next 12-18 months. That involves learning my new market and selling a few properties in my old market. I’m very interested in land/home deals and would also like to continue doing Lonnie deals in GA.

Thinking big will be necessary- I did not appreciate how small I was thinking in ND until I started talking to my friends in NC, SC, GA and FL about what they were doing.

I’m very excited to get started, and I’ll see you all in June.

warmest regards,


PS- thank you Greg for your wonderful invitation, we will be in touch!


I love your enthusiam and focus! You definitely have a great strategy in place. I see that you have turned your mailbox into a ATM machine… Congrats! You would definitely make Lonnie proud!