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This is Angela and I am posting a deal I am currently working, however I need Capital. From listening to your call Clayton Bank and Trust maybe a great source, however I would like your expertise in structuring the loan.

Please see posted scenario and respond, thank you.


Here is the scenario:

Location: Houston, TX

Total Number of Units: 56

Not a Park but community of Homes (Bricks & Sticks), Re-Manufactured Homes, and Mobiles Homes on lots of 40x105, 60x105, 35x105 and 54x105, (some cul-de-sac lots as longs as 120)

All homes are set up as individual single family homes

According to the HCAD the homes range in age of 1999-2003 (have requested copies of title and/or serial numbers to verify accuracy)

Have walked all vacant units and a couple of occupied units

Have received rent rolls and delinquency reports

Have platted map of neighborhood

Have all HCAD records with exception of 5 not on HCAD

Have State and Government Reps that represent the areas

Talked to residents and have scouted the neighborhood both on weekends and night (very good prospect)

I need help with obtaining financing and operation capital, can you help me or direct me to Clayton Bank as well as an investor that will help me with either 100% financing and/or down payment.

I am looking to close on this deal very soon as I have spent the last week walking the units and talking to current resident.

52 of the 56 units are occupied w/ about 85% on City Housing Vouchers and the remaining on street rents.

Rents range from $750-900, below the market rates (can raise rents an avg of $25-50 to get closer to FMV)

There is an additional set of 115 homes that could be available later from a Second Owner in the same neighborhood that I have approached, but these may not be as negotiable.

Jackie, this is no small deal I see. Good luck! grin



You wrote:

“I am looking to close on this deal very soon as I have spent the last week walking the units and talking to current resident.”


I have a couple of questions relating thereto:


Jackie do you have this property listed as a real estate agent? Is it on the open market now? If so, where is it listed? What is the present debt on the property? At what price to you expect to close on very soon? What type of contract did you have in mind to gain operational ownership of the property? Have you met the HUD officers controlling the vouchers? Is the seller willing to hold a purchase money mortgage?


Jackie if you’ll answer those questions I’ll be glad to help you. Again, good luck.