Quote for new pad construction

I have city approval to add on two additional pads. What’s the going rate for pad construction from scratch? Foundation, parking pad, connection to water/ utilities, etc.

$12,000 for all that. $15,000 if you include a paved parking pad about 20’x25’

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@MikeO So I’d be looking at about $45K for 3 lots? KC metro area.

Yes, on the low end. If you have to clear trees and do any kind of grading or bring in clean fill etc it’ll be more. I’m in Maine and I’m not sure how our prices compare with yours but they’re probably not too far off. Don’t forget the engineering costs if the municipality or state regulators require that. Engineering could add another $10k easily.

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@MikeO I’ll add in $5k for fluff to each and make a safe ballpark guess of $20k per pad then… Thank you!

That sounds pretty safe. My experience has been every time I think it’s going to cost one thing, it always costs more lol.