Quit claim deed for parcel of park land

Found out today that a small parcel of land (1 acre) that is used to house a storage building for the park equipment will be sold with a quit claim deed vs clear title. The current owner acquired it this way and so that is how it will be transferred. Has anyone encountered this and how did you work around it? Ask for reduction in value of that parcel since it could hinder re-sale value, ask for parcel to be separated from park and don’t buy as part of park or back out of deal all together?

thank you in advance

Not faced the issue myself. An attorney would be able to better advise you. But if all that the 1 acre is used for is the storage building, you don’t have much downside if some long-lost heir shows up to claim it from you at some point in the future. Storage buildings are not key to the operation of the MHP. Now if the land in question was at the front of the property and would cut-off my land from the road, that is an entirely different matter…

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