Quickbooks Online?

Does anyone use Quickbooks Online?

I have been using Quickbooks 2011 computer software on the desktop. My accountant prefers me to stick with it and I like using it so I do not intend to change from QB. Currently my accountant does the monthly bookkeeping but I have to run over receipts in person and then end up taking over an hour writing out checks by hand.

I have been looking at Quickbooks Online where my accountant can still do the bookkeeping but the owners would all have access by the web to check on the books and I could enter the checks directly into quickbooks and then print them on a printer and hand sign them.

Does anyone have any Quickbooks Online experience? Or does anyone have any recommendations?




We still use Qbooks on our own servers (desktops) and have not heard any compelling reasons to switch. I have heard that people tend to like it better this way than online as we do.