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As you may know from my previous posts on here, my name is Brian Beck and I have created a group of Lonnie Dealers all over the US, and we mastermind every month and communicate through a forum type group. We now have over sixty members and as I am writing the newsletter for March, I wanted to direct a question straight to park owners.

Do you see an individual Lonnie Dealer as competition in your park, or would having someone operate within your park be a benefit?

In my own experience, I have run into park owners who want us to fill homes in their parks, and I’ve also been to a few parks that don’t want me coming near their parks.

Most of the people in our group are newbies and just starting out, and I’d say one of the more frequent questions I get is how to approach the owner or manager of a park. Asking the question above has two effects for me.

First of all, it gives me insight to how a park owner views Lonnie dealers in general.

Secondly, if you are at all interested in having someone do Lonnie deals within your park, and we have someone in the group who is in your area. I may be able to put them into contact with you.

Either way, whether you love em or hate em, I’ve asked the question, and I’m actually kind of excited to see the answers!

Thanks guys,


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Dale, where are you located?

Brian, I would love to have Lonnie dealers keeping my lots full, I am in Missouri. That said, my park has some standards that would probably make it a bit tougher (houses are 1996 and newer, locals will buy and move to private property)for a newbie than an anything goes kind of park.


I would LOVE to have every Lonnie Dealer in the US come work in my community and I am willing to make it real easy for them to do so. One newbie is already hard at work and I’m looking for more. Lonnie Dealers do not take away from my success. If they are successful, then so am I. Everyone wins.

Here is what I offer:

No lot rent until the home sells and no lot rent if you have to take it back.

$2,000 towards moving/set up costs.

Really flexible as to type/age of home. The quality of the residents is far more important to me than having a nice, new vinyl/shingle home.

I’ll show the property and take the application and run credit.

Advertising on the highway and on my website.

I am about 25 miles south of Youngstown, OH, in the small town of East Palestine. Everything I have fixed up has sold. The problem I face is that the state, in its infinite wisdom, has hit me with some pretty stiff requirements for upgraded pads/electrical/inspections before I can bring a home in. There is only so much money to go around.

Having said the above, I seriously doubt you will find many PMs or owners who will gladly work with you. They seem to think that if you are making money then somehow they are losing it. Intelligence is a rare thing in this part of the country.


Wheat Hill Mobile Home Community


(330) 426-9558

We are happy to work with Lonnie Dealers.

We could offer; No Lot rent while the home is rehabbed/ marketed. Or if a default occurs and the home is taken back.

Would show and accept applications on behalf of the L/D.

Will also provide financing to their qualified buyers, common sense, in- house underwriting.

Our Parks are in Pueblo CO and Carlsbad, NM

All Lonnie Dealers Welcome.

Ben Braband

Saddleback Valley Communities

(719) 564-1352 CO Office

(575) 885-2022 NM Office


It varies greatly from park to park and manger to manger, they love ya or hate ya and there is almost no in between!

The folks that think we are making money OFF of them will turn around to bite ya in the butt even if they give you the go ahead, the ones that just want their lot rent are were you can make money off the homes… I think you are very much on the right track with this post. =)

In general for LD’s I was looking for parks that would offer me reduced or free lot rent while vacant, generally they had park owned homes that they didn’t want or know what to do with, and realized that the MH dealers were not going to fill up their park anymore. I mainly helped keep more homes from leaving the park…

I have mostly park owned rentals in our parks but yes I still do allow LD’s to take place as well, I offer no lot rent until sold and require the LD’er to pay the lot rent while occupied. We are a low lot rent area and there are some units I just don’t want as rentals even when I can buy them cheap…

There is a niche in most parks that the owner doesn

I do appreciate the responses and could not agree with you more Ryan. We are either loved or hated. I’ve personally gotten permission to work in 14 parks in my area in Cleveland and the relationship differs from park to park.

Finding a park where the owners understand what you need, and you understand what the park needs, and you both work hand in hand is priceless. For those of you who have posted that you would welcome Lonnie Dealers to work within your parks, I have passed your information on to those people in our group who may be close to your park, or at least within a reasonable driving distance.

I will post a list on here of the areas where we currently have people, and that way if anyone else has a park near one of these cities they can email me and I can put you in touch with that person.

Thanks again,



We would love any interested Lonnie Dealers. Our park is in Indiana. We have great onsite management in place that would show homes/take applications. We have some vacant lots if a Lonnie Dealer would like to bring homes in. We also have 5 or so homes that need repairs that we would be willing to give free of charge to any Lonnie Dealer who was interested.

Nicole Evans

Hillside Mobile Home Park, LLC

(208) 819-7401